Thursday, July 13, 2006  

Excuse me...

but you must have mistaken us for people who might believe you...
In my sworn testimony, I said what I have contended in my columns and on television: The role of Joe Wilson's wife in instituting her husband's mission was revealed to me in the middle of a long interview with an official who I have previously said was not a political gunslinger. After the federal investigation was announced, he told me through a third party that the disclosure was inadvertent.

After allowing other journalists to twist in the Plame affaire, after allowing Judith Miller to engage in her cinema, Robert Novak has graciously deigned to speak. Well, well, well.

You can read the other 250 or so words here.
Novak's testimony implicated Libby and Rove. Hmmmm. Let's see:
Israel is blowing up BOTH Palestine and Lebanon
Ken Lay conventiently died
Bush and Koizumi had a cosy party
The US military has been enjoying a run on war crimes while the Bush Adminstration is looking for ways to get around the Supreme Court's ruling on detainees and The Geneva Conventions...

Yup, sounds like time for Rove to try to fall on his sword. (he won't, actually, he'll just cut himself and hang out with Cheney for awhile). Don't worry, Karl, Novak is holding the sword and then he'll write about it.

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