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Death and Consequences in Mahmudiya...

More on the death of Abeer...
The charges allege that "Green and three other individuals went to a house in the vicinity of Traffic Control Point 1, near Mahmudiyah, to rape one of the adult females living there.

"Green allegedly shot and killed an adult male, an adult female and a female child who were present in the house.

"The charges also allege that after participating in the rape of the second adult female, Green shot and killed her," the Justice Department statement said.

According to court documents, Green and three fellow soldiers conspired to rape the woman, and changed into dark clothes before going to the house. Several of them drank alcohol before leaving, the papers alleged.

When they returned after the incident, they had blood on their clothes, which they immediately burned, the affidavit alleged.

A soldier not identified by the affidavit testified that he saw Green rape a woman then shoot her in the head "two-to-three times."

Another unidentified soldier alleged that Green and another soldier raped the woman, before Green shot her several times with an AK-47, which was apparently found in the house.

The first soldier also alleged in the affidavit that Green had previously gone into a bedroom with other members of the family before gunshots were heard, then came out saying : "I just killed them, all are dead."
Steven Green, 21, a former private with the US Army's 101st Airborne Division 101st Airborne Division, may face the death penalty or life in prison if he is convicted of the crimes.

Personally, I think he also needs to be tried for contributing to the deaths of the two other soldiers from his company. The Military insists their kidnapping and subsequent torture, multilation, and, in one case, beheading, are not related. How is that possible?
When is the Military going to stop trying to fool themselves and us? There are some hugely serious problems that have gotten out of the closet here. Reports of US military personnel assaulting people, killing civilians, raping women, stealing and basically pillaging have been trickling out for several years now, but the mainstream has refused to take them seriously, suggesting that somehow brave American boys are more trustworthy witnesses than those wilely Iraqis. Well, this is what happens when you don't seriously entertain the notion that your army has got a thug element which thrives on cowboy mentality, racism and some misplaced sense of Western superiority.
And while one cannot lay this crime at Gonzales' feet, I do think his Texas shitkickers need to be dipped in the pool of complicity for declaring the Geneva Conventions to be some sort of antiquated pact. The Geneva Conventions clearly state the following:
Article 3

In the case of armed conflict not of an international character occurring in the territory of one of the High Contracting Parties, each Party to the conflict shall be bound to apply, as a minimum, the following provisions:

1. Persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause, shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction founded on race, colour, religion or faith, sex, birth or wealth, or any other similar criteria.

To this end, the following acts are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever with respect to the above-mentioned persons:

(a) Violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;

(b) Taking of hostages;

(c) Outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;

(d) The passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.

2. The wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for.

An impartial humanitarian body, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, may offer its services to the Parties to the conflict.

The Parties to the conflict should further endeavour to bring into force, by means of special agreements, all or part of the other provisions of the present Convention.

The application of the preceding provisions shall not affect the legal status of the Parties to the conflict.

I am not sure how clearly it must be stated.
And for those who want to comment on how 'barbaric" the Iraqi muslems have been, well, here's a little thought for you:
“ Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25: 40)

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