Wednesday, July 05, 2006  

Death and Consequences II

This today from the LA Times:
The U.S. military is investigating whether the kidnapping, killing and mutilation of two American soldiers was carried out in retaliation for an alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi woman by another member of the same unit three months earlier, a military official said Tuesday.

The incidents occurred in nearby towns and the soldiers involved were in the same unit. The bodies of the two American soldiers and at least one Iraqi were mutilated. A third U.S. soldier was killed during the kidnapping of his comrades.

Ya think?
I would be soooooo surprised if this wasn't the case. Interesting addition to the story, if true, an Iraqi, I assume a translator or Iraqi soldier, was also multilated and slain- so Greene now has four more deaths he is responsible for.

I've said it before in private posts and conversations and I will say it now: it has been clear, since allegations of the rape came out, that these killings were in response. And I also think the multilations probably include having their privates handed to them.

It is a tragedy that these four had to die for Greene's actions. It should have been Greene and the soldiers who helped him in that position because nothing the military can do to the others or civilian court can do to him will assuage the grief and horror te families of the victims have had to experience.

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