Thursday, July 27, 2006  

Condi sets her sights on the American Century

Rice and the US continue to hold out for a certain kind of ceasefire- one that is "lasting." Rice was rather unclear on what she meant, but it is clear that such a ceasefire would be defined by the US and imposed by it as well. There is a sense that the US wishes to re-write the geo-politics and possibly the physical geography as well of the region and Rice fancies herself as Gertrude Bell. Would that were even remotely true. But Rice doesn't even have a fraction of the knowledge of the region at her disposal that Bell had, nor the language,

Another problem with the holdout is that Israel interprets this as the greenlight to continue bombing Lebanon to Kingdom Come.

And, apparently, Israel is partial to targets that phone regularly, asking not to be hit. That would be the UN among others, and now the Arab media. So,let me get this straight: no exit(they bomb civilian convoys), no aid (hasn't been able to get in), no observers (oops, were those blue things UN helmets?), and no Arab (not known to be pro-Israel) news. Sound like the Israelis are getting ready to whup Lebanon into oblivion.

Oh, well, back at the OK Corral, I mean the Oval Office, it still isn't time for a ceasefire.

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