Sunday, July 09, 2006  

Black Blanc Beur-Ewa!

Thought I would post this before going to watch the game. I am going to root for Italy, although I think the French team is pretty hot (in several ways...). And Lilian Thurman is pretty cool in his reply to Jean Marie Le Pen, the crapaud raciste qui a sali la France depuis plus que vingt ans,
Le Pen's efforts to use the pitch as a battleground for his Neanderthal views about immigration and Islam have not gone unanswered. After his latest comments, France midfielder Lilian Thuram said, "Clearly, he is unaware that there are Frenchmen who are black, Frenchmen who are white, Frenchmen who are brown. I think that reflects particularly badly on a man who has aspirations to be president of France but yet clearly doesn't know anything about French history or society.... That's pretty serious. He's the type of person who'd turn on the television and see the American basketball team and wonder: 'Hold on, there are black people playing for America? What's going on?'"
read the rest here

(salut Bruno, Benedicte, Djamila, Beatrice, Isabelle, Pierre, Laure et Hakim
...tanti auguri Francesco, Luca, Federico, Arianna, Valentina, Iside, Pierro e Pio, la famiglia Romani, Rossi, Cascella, Benedetti,Romanini, Bianchi)
Ci vediamo piu tarde.

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