Tuesday, July 18, 2006  

An assignment to assist in acquiring empathy

Patrick McGreevey: Meanwhile, many foreigners have been finding ways out of Lebanon. American students at AUB will be given first priority
tomorrow; the Embassy says it won't announce until the last minute if
by land, sea or helicopter. Others will apparently have the
opportunity as early as tomorrow, and most likely within the next
three days. It is interesting what causes tension among people in
situations like this. They have been told they can only have one small
(courtesy of Naeem Mohaiemem at shobak-subscribe@yahoogroups.com)
Since I am known for making values-based writing assignments, here's one for you:

You are being evacuated and can only take one small bag, What will you take and why?
You have 15 minutes to write this.

For extra credit, you may take an additional 15 minutes to pack your bag and leave. Please remember, there is a strong possibility that the building in which you are now sitting may not be standing in a few days.

There is also no guarantee you will be allowed to return even if it still is, especially if you are Lebanese-other resident. It is not known at this time who will be issuing visas, but we have our suspicions. Which, at the moment, we are keeping to ourselves.

You may start...now.

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