Monday, July 03, 2006  

Another team to root for!

A rose grows in Gaza...
The Bethlehem players, who range in age from 11 to 22, train twice a week with additional fitness sessions run by Mousa at the university.

"We have nowhere else to go and nowhere to put our energies," says Thaljieh. "In Bethlehem we are in a prison that is only open from above."

"We have nowhere else to go and nowhere to put our energies"
Honey Thaljieh

The city is surrounded by Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks, with the separation barrier running along its northern side.

The players also believe the game provides them with an opportunity to challenge traditional female roles.

Jazrawi, a biology student at Bethlehem University, says: "The Arab world is very strict compared with other cultures.

"We have to change it, and the change will start with the women. Through football we can make our minds more open, and our society too."

What a great team! Even under occupation, there are small gestures towards re-constituting a productive society. (the rest)

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