Friday, July 07, 2006  

The annals of tastlesness have now expanded...

to include the Mike Church Show:
A radio talk-show host is to record and release a song written by a US Marine corporal about killing members of an Iraqi family.

The author, Cpl Joshua Belile, will not sing "Hadji Girl" but he may receive royalties if The Mike Church Show charges for downloads, a spokesman for the show said. The right-wing presenter will sing and release the song on air next week.

The producer, James Parker, said: "We originally wanted Josh to sing the song, but the Marines are kind of gagging him on it."
(the rest)

In light of the recent allegations coming out of Iraq and the arraignment of Steve Green for doing pretty much the same thing, except he raped the girl, torched her and torched the house, I'd say Church shows some really bad judgement.

Hey Mike, what if I wrote a song called "Honkey Dj's" and suggested that a molotov cocktail was a love letter to you and that shooting your staff with an AK47 was my way of showing I cared?
What, not happy? But, Mikie, it's a joke! A bit of harmless fun! Take a chill pill, red-neck dude!

I kind of put this one in the same house as famous publishing houses pimping books from serial killers. It's an obvious dash for cash move.
I agree, but there is something more behind it, I think. There's this racist tinge that's wrapped in a "good, harmless fun" package that really bothers me.
Oh don't get me wrong. I think it's extreamly tasteless.
Don't worry, I know you do.I just wanted point out the racists component as well.
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