Monday, July 03, 2006  

Al Jadid

I am shameless, simply shameless...

disclaimer: I am plugging the next edition of Al Jadid because I have the honor of writing for them once in awhile.

That said, I have also read through a number of back issues (one of the reasons I agreed to write for them) and found that there were always a number of articles I wanted to read and information on videos and cds/books that I either wanted to know more about or would not have heard about in another way. This is what is coming up:
Women as Scapegoats, Lebanon through the Photography of Doris Bittar, Hoda Barakat's 'Disciples of Passion,' Golden Age of Arab Science, and Much More in forthcoming Al Jadid no. 53
You can read more about the next issue here

And if you like the back issues, you might consider getting a subscription.
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