Sunday, June 25, 2006  

"why do they hate us?" (Sound of more handwringing..)

Do you really want to know?
Courtesy of The Arabist comes an article by Sara Korshid on how the abuses of a regime (in this case, Egypt) helps to create the next generation of terrorists. And while you read the article, please remember that the US is a vociferous partner in Torture, Inc, and supports regimes that treat their own people this way and then are happy to torture the people the US renders to them.

Published September 15, 2005
A police officer summed up the situation very clearly to political detainee Abdel Moneim Mohammed, who has spent 13 years in the custody of the Egyptian interior ministry: "We can't release you [regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty]. After spending years in prison, you hate us - and setting you free will be a great risk."
The statement that was probably made by a low-ranking officer, with no authority to keep or release a detainee, is still worth pondering.
Charged with endorsing violence, Mohammed was arrested by the State Security body in 1993, leaving behind a wife and a months-old baby daughter. He signed a "repentance declaration" in detention and was consequently transferred to Wadi Al Natron II prison, also known as the "repenters' prison". His wife, who insists that her husband is innocent, has filed many complaints over the years and has had tens of release verdicts issued by courts. But Mohammed remains in detention.
His case is by no means unique.
read the rest here.

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