Monday, June 12, 2006  

Sorry, too busy to talk...

we're too busy back-pedalling at the White House. Someone, anyone needs to muzzle the administration. Or else they need to stand by their statements and basically say, "yeah, so we said that. So, what?"

Now they look like a bunch of spineless (and you thought that was only the Senate...) jackasses who can't be allowed near a mike. On the other hand, this is not entirely a bad thing because what and how they think (or what passes as thinking out there) is becoming clearer and clearer.
From the AP:
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration distanced itself Monday from remarks by a U.S. diplomat that the weekend suicides of three Arab detainees at the Guantanamo Bay military prison were a "good P.R. move."

"I would just point out in public that we would not say that it was a P.R. stunt," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said, using the abbreviation for public relations. "We have serious concerns anytime anybody takes their own life."

(that's right- that's what we're for)

Colleen Graffy, deputy assistant U.S. secretary of state for public diplomacy, told the British Broadcasting Corp. that the deaths at the U.S.-run camp in Cuba were a "good P.R. move to draw attention."

Graffy also told the BBC the deaths were "a tactic to further the jihadi cause.

read more here

Graffy is either an idiot or so brain-washed that she needs to be de-programmed. More Bush spin. Will post an essay by Marjorie Cohn soon.

What did the US do so wrong that we deserve such morally depraved individuals as Graffy and Coulter with her dispicable comments about the 9/11 widows?

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