Sunday, June 25, 2006  

A portrait of the terrorist

as potentially delusional young man, boosted by wishful thinking on the part of the FBI.
From across the pond comes this assessment of the Florida Seven, they of the sect of various parts of various religions:
The alarming news flashed across America's TV screens on Thursday evening: government agents had thwarted an al-Qa'ida plot, using home-grown American terrorists, to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago in a ghastly repeat of 9/11.

When the dust had settled barely 24 hours later, a rather more modest version of events had emerged. The seven young black men arrested at a warehouse in Miami and Atlanta had never been in touch with al-Qa'ida, and had no explosives. Their "plan" to destroy America's tallest building was little more than wishful thinking, expressed by one of them to an FBI informant purporting to be a member of Osama bin Laden's terrorist organisation.

Even the FBI admitted as much. John Pistole, the bureau's deputy director, described the plan on Friday as "aspirational rather than operational" and admitted that none of the seven (five US citizens and two Haitian immigrants) had ever featured on a terrorist watch list.

It is really too early to tell if we are witnessing a new version of the thought police or baby terrorists on the hoof. It's just too early for that.

But it is not too early to see that the shooting gallery is already set up and being run by Chicken Little- the same Chicken Little who tortured a supposedly high ranking al Queda type by waterboarding and other fun stuff until he sang like a bird and mentioned malls and stadiums and all kind of things that got Chicken Little happy as a jaybird because he could the raise the terror alert and scare the bejeezus out of all the good little who's who still believed in him (for some strange reason...), Sadly for Chicken Little, turns out key operative was a) mentally ill and b)saying anything to get the torture to stop. Both facts seem to have bothered Chicken Little not a whit.

For more on the Brit take on this story, go here.

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