Wednesday, June 07, 2006  

Monkey see...

I think it is pretty clear by now that the US falls into the category of rogue state and bad influence. Not only do we send people to other places to be tortured in our name but a just released Council of Europe report shows that we either induced or scared the bejeezus out of the following countries:Sweden, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Britain, Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal and Greece into allowing, as well as aiding and abetting extraodinary rendition. Poland and Romania are accused of harboring CIA detenton centers.
Citing media reports, investigations by human rights groups, air traffic control records and contacts within US and other intelligence services, Marty documented 14 individuals subjected to "extraordinary rendition" with alleged European collusion.

They include an Egyptian cleric allegedly abducted by a CIA snatch squad in Italy, a German of Lebanese descent seized in Macedonia who was a case of mistaken identity, and six Bosnians of Algerian origin who were handed to the US authorities and are now at the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Britain was accused of handing the CIA information about its citizens or residents, who then allegedly faced "rendition" and torture under interrogation.

The strongest claims were made against Poland and Romania where the report said there is "now a preponderance of indications" that secret detention centres were operated near aircraft landing points. Both countries have denied the allegation.

Read the rest from AFP.

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