Wednesday, June 07, 2006  

M is for the New Iraq...

actually an Iraq in which men are completely dominant.

This report from the Independent:
."And my friend Lubna, she was with her fiancé. They shot him in the arm and then killed her in front of him," she explained. Then there were the two sisters who worked in the laundry at Basra Palace base. With a shrug, she briefly detailed each life cut short.

Last year reports were surfacing that women were wearing the burqa in the South and Faiza of an Iraqi Family in Bagdad has repeatedly said on her blog and in appearances throughout the US that the secular rights of Iraqi women are being consistently eroded. And as has been seen in many Arab countries when both the government and the economy are collapsing, conservative Islamic groups step into the breach and try to impose a much more traditional, economically misogynist reading of the Sharia and Koranic law.

The rest of the report can be read here. I imagine Sadr would try to bring back the possibility of polygamy in order to help out the widows except that no one (with possibly the exception of those high up in the minsteries) can hardly afford to keep one family, let alone four.

Funny how there isn't a peep out of Laura Bush, Cherie Blair, Karen Hughes or Condi Rice now that the situation for Iraqi women resembles nothing like the utopia they promised.

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