Tuesday, June 20, 2006  

Hi, my name is Bill Frist...

and I'm delusional.

What is up with Frist? Is he still harboring delusions that this is Vietnam II:Get It Right This Time! ?

"We cannot retreat. We cannot surrender. We cannot go wobbly. The price is far too high," said Frist, R-Tenn., suggesting that Democrats want to do just that.

Oh, come on! Send him back to Post-Colonialism 101. Frist really needs to make up his mind here: are we still "at war?" In which case, an independent Iraq is a figment of his and others' imagination. OR, are we "assisting" (love that word in this context) the "new Iraqi government," in which case, shut up and let Al-Maliki try to do a few things. It's not like Bush and Co have provided electricity a mere 12 hours a day (see the infamous Green Zone memo mentioned below) or made the streets safe or protected important monuuments or anything...

All this talk of putting the Iraqis on notice to get their act together is just so much bull. You don't drop in unannounced (The Great White Hope as daytripper) on a sovereign government, and a sovereign government would not put up with that level of grandstanding, let alone diplomatic disrespect.

Can you imagine what would happen if Al-Maliki did something like that? Homeland Security would have him in isolation so fast, unless, of course, his plane was shot down first as a suspicious entity in American airspace.

And the Democrats!
In the end, Senate Democrats brushed aside calls by some of their rank-and-file for a firm withdrawal timetable and on Monday proposed the resolution that would urge — but not require — the administration to begin "a phased redeployment of U.S. forces" this year. It also would call for the administration to give Congress by year's end its plan for "continued redeployment" after 2006.

Take a friggin' stand already. Since when has "urging" anything on this administration had any effect?

The difference between the Congress and jellyfish is becoming blurrier and blurrier every day.
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