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About the graphics: you really need to click on the link, then click on the graphic to get the full effect- they open up and are very detailed.

is starting to make Roshamon look like a cakewalk. Today in the New York Times:
He added: "You've got to do whatever it takes to get home. If it takes clearing by fire where there's civilians, that's it."

Many of the marines in Kilo Company had served on their previous deployment in Falluja, which had largely been cleared of civilians before they entered, and where permissive rules of engagement were in force. But Haditha was a different combat environment, with insurgents intermingled with civilians. In training between the two deployments, marines were taught how to protect civilians, and were instructed on more restrictive combat rules.

The conclusions appear to be leaning towards the belief that the marines deliberately killed these people and then traded upon their fear of the region to create a scenario that included suspected bomber planters and a need to clear the area.

I am beginning to suspect they screwed up and shot a few people, and then took out the potential witnesses.

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