Thursday, June 29, 2006  

Grannies v Recruiters

Ingrid over at Blogger Roundtable is looking into the arrest of several "grannies" at a recruiting station and revisiting the No Child Left Behind recruiter section that basically makes any military-age qualified kid fair game for recuiters and high schools at risk of losing federal funds if they don't fork over all the contact info for said kids.

This country has no shame - tying education to military recuiter accessibility. It's another form of child abuse, to be quite frank.

This morning, a scroll (is that what you call it) below the news caught my eye; several elderly members from grannies for peace arrested. My first thought was,"Oh George, not the grannies!! But I can't say they were innocent after I investigated. However, don't mess with grannies. They've been around longer than we have and they have no fear, afterall, they've made it that long. Apparently, some grannies were arrested as they were not willing to leave a military recruitment office. Read the full story as to how and why!!

the rest

Hey girl, I must have reached another "level" as you're quoting me! How funny. I was up before the kiddies and squeeked in the post in the nick of time before I got tugged and pulled. But I will say you are more explanatory than I was so kudos for you..time constraints suck! hehe.
Yep, there is something universally wrong to tackle elderly ladies. One of my dearest friends who was in ther mid 60s at the time(did not dare ask) and I met when we both lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years. I was late 20s going on 30sh and totally scared of going into stores that had signs saying "ladies not allowed". My girlfriend just marched right in and giggled, what are they going to do? Just act like you belong and no one will tell you to leave. Thank goodness nothing ever happened because it being saudi arabia, the store clerk would have gotten into loads of trouble..and our husbands...(if I had known he would have left me for someone else there I would have raised hell, hehe)
I digress. This, 'hand over the list or you'll get no money' is to me so typical American; strong arming people into submission. It is truly disgusting. I wished more grannies would pick up that 'fight'.
Hey, Ingrid,

My pleasure! It was such a great piece I had to add it! I just wish more parents would demand more informed compliance from their school districts and that would include sending out opt out letters and posting the form on theschool district;s website.
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