Monday, June 26, 2006  

Car eviscerates Piggybank...

Got your attention? Good.
From Slate comes an interesting take on the Yaris ad:
The Spot: A pink piggy bank materializes inside a white room. The piggy looks around for a moment to get its bearings, then notices it's not alone: There's a mean-looking car a few feet away, eyeing the piggy with bad intentions. The pig trembles with fear as the car extends a long, metal tentacle from under its hood. The tentacle attacks the piggy with a laser, a circular saw, and a hammer, reducing the little pig to crumbled shards. Then it grabs one of the gold coins the piggy bank had held and snatches its loot back under the car's hood. "Starting at $12,405," reads an on-screen graphic. "Yaris, from Toyota," says the announcer.

Personally, I find the ad a little disturbing although I love the animation. The problem I have with the ad is that (like soooooo many things...) there are different ways of reading it. And one that I find bubbles up to the surface, is the US occupation of Iraq: we came, we smashed it, we took what we wanted, and it is still smashed...
But then, that's just me...
Like Magritte says: ceci n'est pas un(e)...
Slate's take.

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