Monday, June 05, 2006  

The 2nd Camp Pendleton Marine Murder Probe

Today's Washington Post has a very detailed article about the circumstances of and the investigation into the murder of a 52 year old lame Iraqi man in Hamdaniyah on April 26. Among the allegations the family makes is this:
The American, who Ibrahim said appeared to be in charge of the group, first asked if the investigating team had spoken to him yet. He responded that they had.

According to Ibrahim, the American said, "We are ready to compensate you with the money you want, on one condition, which is when the investigation committee comes back, you tell them that your brother worked with the insurgents and had connections with the insurgents, and that he used to go out at night to places you don't know."

The American did not specify an amount, Ibrahim said, saying only that it would be "more than the American military will give you" in standard compensation for killings that commanders later deem to be wrongful.

Ibrahim said he refused. "I told them I will tell them what I know," he said. "And all the money in the world wouldn't compensate for the loss of a brother and the loss to the 13 members of his family."

The victim was said by the Marines to have been carrying an ak-47 and a shovel, but according to a neighbor, the Marines borrowed both from him and planted them on the body.
This is not the first time the shovel comment has been made. There is a quote from a marine (which I will find later) in which he says that marines routinely planted shovels on the bodis of Iraqis they killed to make it look like they had killed an insurgent planting an ied.

Which, I think, qualifies as pre-meditated and raises a whole lot more questionsas to who does what to whom.
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