Saturday, May 06, 2006  

Torture- it's not just for Third World Countries anymore...

So the elephant is up and running around the living room. About time someone said something. Amnesty International has decided to do just that in its latest report which places us in such august company as Tajikistan, the Taliban (are you sensing a pattern?) and a host of like-minded groups for whom due process, habeus corpus, cruel, etc. might as well be part of a spelling bee list of Hard Words to Spell and Use.

Usually the US gets dinged for its use of the death penalty, on which I am somewhat ambivalent, but I am not somewhat ambivalent on the concept of indefinite detention and torture. And I don't appreciate being suddenly cast in the role of citizen of a rogue state. If I had really wanted that, I could have moved to Argentina in the 80's.

And now the US is "concerned" about sending the Uighers and others it has at Gitmo back because they may face torture. Oh, please. Like what was happening in Gitmo wasn't? This is double-speak at its fatuous worst. And the question is who believes this assinine position? We do, apparently, and so the grasp of the US as a nation on reality slips a little more.

I wonder if nations can be excused for dispicable behavior by reason of collective psychosis...

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