Tuesday, May 30, 2006  

Silence is...

You might think that the ever-growing coverage of Haditha might provoke some kind of reaction in the local press in San Diego, where the various companies under investigation are based.
the San Diego Union Tribune editorial page
Editorial =0
Letters to the Editor= 0
The North County Times
Where Camp Pendleton is based....

Editorial= 0
Letters to the Editor =0

It's as if Haditha is only played out in the newsrooms of some journalists far, far away.

The allegations are very damning and now a marine photographer (also based in Pendleton) has come forward with some pretty gruesome eye-witness accounts. So, this isn't going to go away.

There is a very big elephant in San Diego's livingroom that is actually eclipsing the fact that San Diego, "America's Finest City," is possibly going into bankruptcy and is rated below junk bond status. And now, the marines, of which this region is so proud, harbors several murderous companies who can't tell the difference between an unarmed two year old and a grown insurgent. And, to cap it all off, many of the victims are reported to have been shot in the head, execution-style.

Where is the outrage, the dialog, the debates in San Diego?

This silence speaks volumes, and what is says is no compliment to San Diego.

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