Sunday, May 28, 2006  

Memorial Day

As we begin to observe Memorial Day and witness observations great and small, I would like to suggest the following:
* That we pause for a moment and reflect on the nature of war.
* That we appreciate the sacrifice of those who died in service- but also ask why.
* That we look at our present engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan and ask- why are we there?
* That we carefully listen to the rhetoric of this administration as it prepares to drag us into yet another theater of conflict.
* That we respect the choices of those who volunteered for service in Iraq and also make it clear that we do not tolerate crimes against humanity, torture, rape, murder, and other unacceptable behavior by American military personnel.
* That we consider what it means when a nation links educational opportunties to military recruitment- is No Child Left Behind really about education? Or is it about institutionalizing recruiter access to high schools and colleges?
* That we demand that the government provide adequate assistance and treatment to returning vets - especiallly those exposed to chemical weaponry such as depleted uranium, white phosporous and those who have mental health issues- they volunteered and sacrificed and no matter what one thinks of the military- these people deserve the best their country can give them.
* That we ask ourselves why in such an "advanced" industrialized nation are vets from the current conflict joining the ranks of the homeless?
* That we look at the erosion of our freedoms, the spying on citizens, the corruption in Congress, and the endless, dark war against "terrorism" that Bush has promised us and ask ourselves is this what American war vets died for?

This government has broken the convenant with the people that is laid out in the Constitution.

Use Memorial Day as a day to reflect on what the US stands for and what is possible to restore the respect and honor for which these vets sacrificed.

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