Thursday, May 04, 2006  


Well, y'all, time to get out and make Some NOISE!
This is for you all in SD but the rest of you can join in and set something up if it isn't going already.

Save the date
The ADC and other groups are calling for a rally in front of the Federal Building to protest the intention of going into Iran (and YOU KNOW they are thinking about it)

12-2, folks

let's take the spirit of Monday's rally - un pueblo unido - which was expanded to include me and you and everyone we know - and be just that - un pubelo unido and say Ya Basta! to invading other countries no matter how much we dislike their government or how much of a nut job their president might be (look at ours, for crying out loud - this is something to be proud of? sheesh), we will not condone naked aggression nor will we allow the youth of our communities to be manipulated yet again into dying for the hubris of a racist, classist and Orientalist State.

THESE are might times, people, mighty times. Stand up and make some noise because based on the reaction to Monday, they are listening. They don't like what they hear (tfb), but the First Amendment guarantees you the right to express your opinion, in public, with like-minded people.

It is time to take back OUR government and tell them what WE want. Bush is in NO position to lecture the people how and whne they can express themselves. He is an elected, hired hand who is subordinate to the Constitution and not the other way around.

Like it says in the tagline of the movie Vengance:

People should not be afraid of their government- the government should be afraid of its people.

Hopefully, the sight of a giant puppet at
todays' rally will put some fear into 'em! :-)

Enjoying your blog, see you at the rally!

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