Sunday, May 28, 2006  

Haditha II

This from the article by Tony Perry in the LA Times:
The case may be the most serious incident of alleged war crimes in Iraq by U.S. troops. Marine officers have long been worried that Iraq's deadly insurgency could prompt such a reaction by combat teams.

Iraq's deadly insurgency could prompt such a reaction


Shooting unarmed people as they beg and plead for their lives in their own homes is murder plain and simple.

No but sir, the insurgency made me do it!

That would be mass murder in the US and in Iraq...oh, I forgot...Iraqi lives aren't worth a plugged nickel.

What is interesting is that in San Diego, which is so quick to laud the fallen in Iraq and reach out to the widows and children (as well they should, don't get me wrong on this), there is barely a peep out of the community at this act of mass murder performed by three companies from Camp Pendelton.

Why is that?

What is wrong with Sparta by the Bay that it cannot see and will not condemn these men for what they have done?

Cunningham helped turn the San Diego region into a defence contractor money whore and these marines, who walk as murderers among them, have turned San Diego into a craven apologist.

According to reports, some of the victems were shot fromless than 5o ft away.
Tell me, how does this bring democracy abroad and make this country more secure?

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