Tuesday, May 30, 2006  

And something happened at No Go Ri, too...

Only this was 56 years ago and everyone pooh poohed the survivors and discredited their stories. And the American public was incensed that anyone would say that American soldiers did this.

And this is what survivors said they did, and the Army said they didn't:

Over a period of three days, airplanes and ground soldiers targeted and shot civilian refugees as they streamed overa bridge and then shot the survivors who tried to hide under the bridge. The Army estimated maybe 100 dead, while Korean estimates were much higher, about 400.

The Army claimed No Go Ri was a) the work of a few panicked soldiers and then b) the work of someone, not the army,and anyway, no one wold have given orders to do this.

Well, looks like they might have done it after all.

The Associated Press takes a look at a just released document that says
"If refugees do appear from north of US lines they will receive warning shots, and if they then persist in advancing they will be shot," wrote Ambassador John J. Muccio, in his message to Assistant Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

AP did a little investigating and came up with a front page investigative piece on No Go Ri. I'm having trouble accessing the original AP story from 1999 but here is a link from Salon.com that will tell you a little bit more.

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